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IAP Drug Formulary

files/drugformularylogo.gifThe IAP Drug Formulary, a Quarterly Web Publication of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, is a comprehensive compilation of drugs and recommendations for drug use in pedatrics. It consists of a book and a CD which may be purchased from IAP office in Mumbai. It is the only drug formulary in the world that is updated from the web once in 4 months and is one of 3 exclusively pediatric drug formularies in the world.
The IAP Drug Formulary now contains IAP recommendations for 555 pediatric illnesses contributed by respective sub specialty chapters of IAP, 613 Monographs of drugs used exclusively in pediatric therapeutics and details of 1099 brand names of drugs available in India.
Dr Jeeson C Unni MD. DCH. FIAP.
Editor-in-chief, IAP Drug Formulary,
Consultant pediatrician, Dr Kunhalu's Nursing Home, Cochin.

For further details visit : iapdrugformulary.com